You deserve a career that can

feed your soul

(not another job that sucks you dry)


Who will write YOUR next chapter?

You barely have any room to move. All those responsibilities soak up every last ounce of your time and energy. But you know you need a change. You can’t take another year at the same soul-sucking job. You need to find work that is both nurturing and financially rewarding.

There are lots of powerful reasons that keep you from making a change. But you can feel yourself reaching a tipping point. Something has to give. You may be asking yourself:

  • Is there a better fit out there for me?

  • Am I cut out to be my own boss?

  • What do I need to make a leap?

You want a career that is modern and not outdated, that inspires you. Maybe there’s a window of opportunity for a different balance at work and at home. Still, even saying out loud how much you want from your next gig can feel overwhelming.

When will it be YOUR turn?

It’s Your Turn is a program designed for working moms who are ready to UPGRADE from jobs that suck them dry to CAREERS that feed their souls.

  • How can I safely upgrade?

  • How can I make a plan that will stick?

  • Is now the best time?

You don’t need to wait for fate to direct your journey. You have the tools.

You just need some hard data and a support team.

It’s Your Turn can help you find the answers you need to:

  • feel confident in your Action Plan

  • feel fully prepared to leap

photo credit: Aaron Burden/Unsplash

from Dr. Zeitlin:

I am a working dad. I know that my life is very different from a working mom’s, like my wife’s, for instance.

I have enormous respect for working moms. In fact, I have so much respect that I have a problem: I see Wonder Women everywhere I turn.

They are unable to use their powers for a greater good because they are loaded down with daily chores. We deprive the world of our greatest source of power by failing to design a workforce that embraces their constraints of time and multiple responsibilities.

While I am not a working mom, I have been in your shoes. They feel like my old shoes. A little squishy in the toes, comfortable, but not supportive enough. I used to put them on each morning with a sigh, worried that I would never take action. I knew that I needed to get the soles redone because those old shoes weren’t built to take me where I was supposed to go.

We get comfortable where we are, with our job, our family, our debt, even if it is sucking us dry. Why?

It’s hard to change. No, that’s an understatement. Change is something that we actively avoid. It’s scary. Sometimes I don’t even dare to plan or set goals because it might draw me into changing, across the border into D-A-N-G-E-R!

I am a working dad. I have a job and too many other responsibilities. Still, I was able to achieve a balance, even when my kids were little. My wife is the parent who does it all, juggles the house and the kids and a job. She never felt like she could finish anything. I saw how crazy it made her feel.

The working mom is the engine that powers her family every day from dawn to dusk, then cleans it all up and starts again.

When we burden the working mom, we keep her from exercising her power. You have the ability to make an impact, beyond yourself and your family. The constraints on your time and energy are real but you can use them to your benefit. As folk singer Ani DiFranco sung, “Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right.”

Your biggest constraints (managing the emotional load, taking on all the responsibility, financial pressure, stress) can be converted into the engine you use to change your circumstance.

It’s Your Turn is designed to help you transform your greatest constraints into assets you can use to upgrade your life and work.

Takeaways from It’s Your Turn


You will be more in-touch with, and be better able to trust, your intuition. This will allow you to pivot and change direction more gracefully when needed.


You will feel supported and know that you have a team that can provide a sounding board for your next great idea.


You will feel more confident in your ability to choose a direction. You will possess a belief system that doesn’t work to undermine your confidence.

Bullshit Meter

You will have an enhanced ability to differentiate what you SHOULD be doing from the pursuits and people on whom you SHOULD NOT spend your time and energy.


You will already have the experience, and knowledge gained, from a trial run of a new direction.


You will feel confident that you have everything you need to pursue a new direction.

How this works


It’s Your Turn is a program is conducted face-to-face, via online live video, or by phone with Dr. Robert Zeitlin. A private online portal is available for 24/7 communication.

We begin with four modules, each designed to take approximately 30-60 days. The program is flexible and can be adapted to your needs.


Growth supports you to embrace your superpowers and includes a mindfulness/meditation unit. As the base of your growth in the program, we work together to build the habits that will create your upward spiral.

Alignment supports you to spend your time and energy on the relationships and interests that feed your soul. With the continued growth of your superpowers, we work together to clear away clutter and whatever doesn’t serve you.

Support is the module where we build the team you will rely on to promote your launch and give you the feedback you will use to shorten your learning curve.

Launch is when you to use your superpowers to make your mark on the world. With the help of your support team, we will launch a prototype and chart a course for you to upgrade your career.


It’s Your Turn is designed to help you upgrade in 9-12 months with a minimum time commitment of 6 months. It’s Your Turn is a booster rocket designed to help you launch, not an indefinite, long-term coaching relationship. The financial investment of $1,000 per month includes two one-to-one calls per month and unlimited email support.

Why this works

It’s Your Turn is a program designed from the research in Positive Psychology and the behavioral science of habit-formation. I am not a “coach.” I am a licensed psychologist who has traveled the same roads you may be staring down. I have worked at too many jobs that numbed my brain and left me drained. I learned how to create my own road map, to create opportunities and collaborations that feed my brain and soul.

In addition to helping you slow down using mindfulness and meditation, we use a range of techniques to help remove internal blocks, to unclutter your mental desk, and to adopt a growth mindset.


When people ask me, "If you're a Positive Psychologist, what is a Negative Psychologist?" I joke, "All the rest of them!"

I use the research from the field of Positive Psychology to help you build positive habits, unlock your superpowers, and pursue the work that feeds your soul… and family.

Positive Psychology is the science of happiness and flourishing. This exciting field of research is all about character strengths (I call them Superpowers). The findings are astounding: you can create an upward spiral in your life by forming habits that flex your strengths on purpose every day.

Have you ever started a gratitude journal or committed to sharing one random act of kindness each day? You probably felt an upward spiral starting to form. If you harness the power of your superpowers and practice them daily, you can keep that momentum going. The upward spiral you create can lead to greater focus, better performance, and connecting with other positive people.


You don’t need 21 days or a 30-day challenge to form a lasting habit.

The first module of It’s Your Turn uses the same techniques I teach in my online course “Harness Your Superpowers.” Using these methods, I give you the tools to build on your character strengths. You already have these superpowers inside you. As a result, I can help you create a lasting habit in as few as 5-7 days.

Creating a foothold in your over-stressed life establishes the base we work from to launch your career upgrade. Once you see the power you can generate by making, and keeping, a daily promise to yourself, you will build confidence with a solid platform of your daily positive habits.



Dr. Robert Zeitlin

Dr. Robert Zeitlin is a Positive Psychologist who possesses the superpowers of love of learning, authenticity, and a contagious enthusiasm for life. Robert is the author of ”Laugh More, Yell Less: A Guide to Raising Kick-Ass Kids,” a book written to inspire parents to put on their capes and show their kids how to be superheroes. He is also a TEDx speaker and the co-host of the podcast, “I Am The Worst Parent Ever.”

What drives Robert is helping working moms gain control of the tools at their disposal to attain their goals. Using the new research in Positive Psychology and the science of habit-building, Robert helps his clients reach their goals.

Robert has the expertise to help you create a positive upward spiral in your life. A licensed psychologist with over 15 years' experience, Robert is also the happily-married parent of two kick-ass kids himself.


When you think of habits, you never think of good habits. You never think of positive habits to have. Habits don’t necessarily need to be negative. You can have positive ones. I never looked at it that way…. This is amazing. I’m really leaving with a lot.... I can’t wait to come back and tell you how amazingly my life has changed.
— LaToya Montgomery, Special Education Teacher
For me, negative self talk and getting in this habit of believing your own thoughts can be really powerful and can also be really debilitating. It’s funny how, when you just change even something you tell yourself, then you make room in your life to have more fun... Just changing one thought can change everything.
— Elizabeth Boardman, Executive Director, The Milspo Project
My husband the other day said, ‘You lead a really interesting life.’ I do! I do. I have all these people and projects I’m involved in. It seems like once I opened one door, all these other doors opened. All these opportunities coming that I can pick and choose things that I really want to do and be involved in.
— JOY SCOTT, Health Coach, The Ladies Dish podcast


It’s Your Turn provides...


individual support

It’s Your Turn is a one-to-one program with Positive Psychologist Dr. Robert Zeitlin. He provides the professional support you need to create your own road map. You may have tried other formulas/recipes for success and seen the limitations in those cookie-cutter programs. Dr. Zeitlin knows you don’t have more time to waste on gimmicks. He provides the no-nonsense, personalized guidance you need.

growth plan

Your job doesn't want you to flex your superpowers. You do stellar work, just to advance someone else's mission. When is your turn to lead? your turn to speak up? your turn to step out into your power? If your calling is growing too loud to ignore, the first step is to build the habits that will create your upward spiral. Together we will figure out what direction fires you up, with whom and where you should choose to spend your valuable time and energy.



support plan

You and your character strengths form the engine that fuels your upward spiral but no one can do it alone. Work together with Dr. Zeitlin to hand pick the team that will help you during and after It’s Your Turn. The support team you recruit will serve as your launching pad. At the conclusion of the program, they will become your own personal advisory board.