Mentoring Group for Women

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We live very isolated lives. We can go whole days without real contact with another person. The people we do ‘see’ during most days don’t always SEE us.

When you feel boxed in, like you have only hard choices, there is always a way forward. You can rise above everything that is stressing you. You just need a friend who understands.

Friends and mentors don’t answer your question, “what do I do now?” But a supportive group of women can give you the space to ask the question, without judgment, and can encourage you to use your superpowers to answer it.

🔷 It is not OK that women who work outside the home continue to take on the majority of the housework and responsibility for the kids.

🔷 It is hard enough to transition back to work after having kids. Doing it in a way that meets your needs for time and money, not just picking the best of some bad options, seems impossible.

🔷 You know that you need to prioritize self-care but there is literally no time in your day.

And, yes, I know: You don’t need a man to tell you this.

It’s just that I keep having the same conversations with female-identifying friends and colleagues. They want to find a better solution. They don’t want to change careers and find themselves giving too much of themselves (again). And they need to find a way to reduce stress. It’s literally making them sick.

Yes, I am a man talking about the struggles that femmes (a more inclusive term to invite all female-identifying people) face. And we do need more men to speak up, become allies, and take the initiative to change our own behavior. I am working on that…

In the meantime, I am creating a space:

  • that is dedicated to the modern working femme’s needs

  • where you can hear from other femmes

  • where you can “unload” about your mental load

Since you may not want another guy to tell you what you need, I am placing this call out to female-identifying people who have made these changes in their lives.

Come help me create a safe, welcoming space where you can form genuine relationships with people like you.

Together we can provide practical information to help you:

  • manage the transition back to work in a way that doesn’t suck your soul dry

  • find a better balance and less stress

  • get the support you need to put yourself first and lean into risk

Can you help me help other women/femmes?

🌟Update 🌟

Special guests will join me in facilitating several sessions of the Mentoring Group. Each co-facilitator has dedicated her professional life to empowering women in a different way: finance, voice, self-care. The unique experience and insights of our co-facilitators will propel each session to greater heights.

Note: Dr. Robert Zeitlin, Positive Psychologist, maintains a practice that is inclusive of all men, femmes, and non-binary people. I invite non-binary people as well as transgender and cisgender men and femmes to join my programs. I seek to employ best practices to maximize inclusivity and gender diversity.

In my practice, through the mentoring group, and all super.BUILD programs, I support female-identifying, male-identifying, and non-binary people, including having intentional conversations about mental health and gender equity issues.