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Build a positive life.  start with less than 5 minutes per day.

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What is your
BIGGEST obstacle?

You may be surprised. You may be trying too hard. You can work smarter (not harder) to form the habits that can build a radically different life.

The formula to create lasting habits is easy to learn. You can build a new, positive life with less than 5 minutes per day. What is holding you back?

Click below for a FREE preview of part of Dr. Robert Zeitlin's new online course, Building Positive Habits. In this course section, learn about the biggest obstacle and how you can overcome it.

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Why this works


When people ask me, "If you're a Positive Psychologist, what is a Negative Psychologist?" I joke, "All the rest of them!"

I use the research from the field of Positive Psychology to help people build positive habits, unlock their superpowers, and create their passion projects.

Positive Psychology is the science of happiness and flourishing. This exciting field of research is all about character strengths (I call them Superpowers). The findings are astounding: you can create an upward spiral in your life by forming daily habits that use your strengths on purpose.

Have you ever started a gratitude journal or committed to sharing one random act of kindness each day? You probably felt an upward spiral starting to form. If you harness the power of your superpowers, you can keep that momentum going. The upward spiral you create can lead to greater focus, better performance, and connecting with other positive people.


You don’t need 21 days or a 30-day challenge to form a lasting habit. Using the science of habit-forming, I can help you create a lasting habit in as few as 5-7 days.

There are three key components you need to create a lasting habit. And there are two major obstacles for which you need to watch out. All of these factors are covered in depth in the new course Building Positive Habits.

Following the simple steps in 10 short videos, you will leave with the first steps to mastering your time. 

In Building Positive Habits, I give you the tools to build on your character strengths. Follow the simple steps in 10 short videos. You already have the superpowers inside you. Unlock your unique powers and build lasting habits. Take the first step to mastering your time.



Dr. Robert Zeitlin

Dr. Robert Zeitlin is a Positive Psychologist with the superpowers of love of learning, authenticity, and a contagious enthusiasm for life. Robert wrote Laugh More, Yell Less: A Guide to Raising Kick-Ass Kids to inspire parents to put on their capes and show their kids how to be superheroes. He helps parents and entrepreneurs reach their goals using the new research in Positive Psychology and the science of habit-building. As a result, his clients report more focus and clarity in pursuing their goals.

Robert has the expertise to create a positive upward spiral in your life. A licensed psychologist with over 15 years' experience, Robert is also the parent of two kick-ass kids and an entrepreneur himself.


When you think of habits, you never think of good habits. You never think of positive habits to have. Habits don’t necessarily need to be negative. You can have positive ones. I never looked at it that way…. This is amazing. I’m really leaving with a lot.... I can’t wait to come back and tell you how amazingly my life has changed.
— LaToya Montgomery, Special Education Teacher
For me, negative self talk and getting in this habit of believing your own thoughts can be really powerful and can also be really debilitating. It’s funny how, when you just change even something you tell yourself, then you make room in your life to have more fun... Just changing one thought can change everything.
— Elizabeth Boardman, Executive Director, The Milspo Project
My husband the other day said, ‘You lead a really interesting life.’ I do! I do. I have all these people and projects I’m involved in. It seems like once I opened one door, all these other doors opened. All these opportunities coming that I can pick and choose things that I really want to do and be involved in.
— JOY SCOTT, Health Coach, The Ladies Dish podcast