About super.BUILD

photo credit:  Jira/rawpixel

photo credit: Jira/rawpixel

It all started when…

We lost eye contact with each other.

In those rare moments in your day when people actually unplug, can you feel how much we miss —and need— human connection?

I have the honor of learning from women about their efforts to find balance and prioritize self-care. These authentic conversations reveal how many people are struggling right now.

Every one of these professionals I meet wants to find work that is meaningful to her (and pays her well). And they seek ways to make a difference in their communities. But they…

  • feel isolated and disconnected

  • don’t feel safe opening up at work

  • need people in their lives who affirm their experience

  • can’t always rely on their family to understand their ambitions

  • desperately need a place to unplug

super.BUILD is for the early- to mid-career professional woman who needs the support team that can help her build the skills to launch her rockstar career.

Why super.BUILD?

We have a leadership gap in our country. It shows up in outdated decision-making in the boardroom and across every field and industry (not to mention politics). We must start infusing our decisions with compassion and empathy.

One simple way to fill the gap in humanity, not to mention EQ (Emotional Intelligence), is to support the growth and development of professional women.

What is super.BUILD?

A place to connect with others who can become your support team.

A place to collaborate with like-minded people who want to find a better way to grow and develop. Our programs focus on skills like:

  • beating distraction and do deep work

  • growing clearer in our decision-making

  • getting more comfortable speaking in public

When you get the opportunity to meet other femmes (a more inclusive term to include all female-identifying professionals) traveling a similar path, you can share and learn key skills to expand your career possibilities.

super.BUILD provides the optimal learning community where decision-makers can share best practices, build new networks, and shape the future.

Our programs focus on connection and collaboration, combining fun activities with real-world conversations. super.BUILD can help you develop as a person and as a professional.

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Note: Positive Psychologist Dr. Robert Zeitlin invites non-binary, transgender and cisgender people to join the inclusive and diverse super.BUILD community. All of super.BUILD's practice and programs include intentional conversations about mental health and gender equity issues in the work place.