Could Your Daughter Run for President?

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credit: BigStockPhoto

One day, your daughter, or niece, may want to run for president.

Will she be able to turn to a network that supports her to reach her goal to get elected? A team of women who have been there and know how to guide her?

What do we need to start building now to support her run in 2040?

Politics is not the only place we suffer from a huge gap in how we support female leadership. Women in every industry and walk of life have limited options for support, a safe space to ask questions and get answers. They mostly rely on themselves. Where do YOU turn for support when... have a big decision to make? feel isolated from your support system? are unable to find a single moment in your day? can't seem to dig out of your to-do list?

In May, I am starting a mentoring group for women. I know. I'm a man. You may wonder 'why me?'

You may ask, "Why don't you just work with the men who 'get it'?" I hear you. Yes, I am working on that...

In the meantime, we have to start somewhere.

Women deserve a space to talk about the real stressors in their lives.

I wish there were a million options out there for women to choose from. Sadly there aren't (unless you live in Charlotte NC!). But the need to support women leadership is so great that I'm starting one now.

I’m asking for your help to connect women in need with great mentors.

Do you know a woman who would be a great mentor? Do you know a woman who needs some support?

My offer may not be for everyone. And that’s good... because I only have room for 10 people!

If you know femmes (a more inclusive term to invite all female-identifying people) who want to honor their hard-fought successes ...and failures... by offering to support others, I would like to help bridge that connection.

Find more details here.

credit: BigStockPhoto

credit: BigStockPhoto

Together we can provide practical information to help:

  • manage the transition back to work in a way that doesn’t suck your soul dry

  • find a better balance and less stress

  • get the support you need to put yourself first and dance with your fear

With the group capped at 10 people, you have a chance to make truly meaningful connections and get specific, practical input.

Please share this with a friend who can offer support, or use help, with career transition, balancing her mental/emotional bandwidth, and prioritizing self-care.

Thank you,

P.S. I'm not certain that America is ready to choose a woman president.

Marianne Williamson is about the 99th Democrat running for president. In case you haven't heard of her, she is an inspirational speaker on spiritual growth and the author of bestsellers including “The Age of Miracles.”

When she was asked this week what qualifies her to be Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, to make military decisions, her response inspired me. She challenged the idea that the presidents who led us into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in the last three decades were “qualified” and made good decisions.

Why not a woman president who talks about miracles? Why not a young gay mayor from Indiana (who also happens to be a military vet and a Rhoads Scholar)?

The future is not yet written.

Help me shape it.

Robert Zeitlin